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I'm just a russian love machine :D


2010 was crazy dude.  I hope it didn't completely suck for you guys.  Even if it did, well.  This is your chance to start over.  

So, any resolutions?  Outside of my usual goals to exercise and make straight A's, I wanna be more organized this year.  Seriously, I don't have a schedule for anything and I'm always late to shit.  Time to whip out that planner i bought but never used!

But yeah, good luck this year!  And I hope you had a merry christmas. Try not to think about starting school again, yuck. 



Jan. 1st, 2011 06:41 pm (UTC)
The impending continuation of school is making me a little nervous but, oh well. I'm sure it'll be okay! > wo /

Happy new year! And I'm sure 2011 will be fine, 'cause 2010 was just fine too.