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I really really really wanna Zigazig-ah!

 Wow.  Um, hey guys.  I really hope you didn't think I got murdered here in college.  I'm fine!  Still as insane as always :D

Been really busy, college life is totally crazy!  But now I've sorta adjusted, so i'll probably be around more often.  

LIFE IS PRETTY GOOD.  MADE AN A ON MY LAST THREE EXAMS!!!! Even in the class I had a C in, so now I've got a shiny B!  Now all i have to do is take over the world, and I'll be totally happy XD

Annnd *faint spoilers* any comments on the recent One Piece and Bleach time skips?  coughOda'swascoolercough

Peace out guys.  And have a happy Halloween!  What are you dressing up as? 


Oct. 31st, 2010 08:26 pm (UTC)
Aw, you'll get there, don't worry. besides, i have NO LIFE outside of studying. I though id get to explore chicago all the time, but all I do is wooork. Lame.

Yuzu, Kegio, and Mizuiro all look better with long hair. Tatsuski was AWFUL. If anything, they should have made her hair shorter. bleh.

Ooo, one piece is excellent! I used to wonder why everyone made such a fuss about it, but its totally worth the hype :)

Wow, that sounds really pretty! were'd you get the dress from? I dressed up as Luigi yesterday, and my roommate was mario. We went to a halloween party, but I dunno if im dressing up again today since i have to study. we'll see.