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I really really really wanna Zigazig-ah!

 Wow.  Um, hey guys.  I really hope you didn't think I got murdered here in college.  I'm fine!  Still as insane as always :D

Been really busy, college life is totally crazy!  But now I've sorta adjusted, so i'll probably be around more often.  

LIFE IS PRETTY GOOD.  MADE AN A ON MY LAST THREE EXAMS!!!! Even in the class I had a C in, so now I've got a shiny B!  Now all i have to do is take over the world, and I'll be totally happy XD

Annnd *faint spoilers* any comments on the recent One Piece and Bleach time skips?  coughOda'swascoolercough

Peace out guys.  And have a happy Halloween!  What are you dressing up as? 


Oct. 31st, 2010 08:20 pm (UTC)
It has been! I'm so freaking stressed all the time, lolz. But things are calming down...for now.

Yes, ye old time skip. I'm sure khr will have one eventually, but it won't be as exciting since technically we've already seen them grown up. I really loved the one piece one though. The bleach one, i'm kinda "meh" about. everyone just has longet hair, lol.