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Only the good die young

(we bitches live forever.)

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'Ello there! I'm just your average kid trying read: epically failing to stay awake through high school. I'm kinda spacey,and I daydream a lot (but those are the best dreams, amiright? I think they're where get our best and worst ideas. Do me a favor and keep dreaming, okay?)

I love laughing way too loud. Plus the color orange, Coke-a-cola, and saying cool shit. And cherries. Can't forget the cherries.

Psh. That's pretty much it. Just message me if you wanna know more. :)

Viva La Vida
i used to rule the world. sea would rise when i give the word. now in the moring i sleep alone. sweep the street i used to own. i used to roll the dice. feel the fear in my enemies' eyes. listen as the crowd would sing. now the old king is death long live the king. one minute i held the key. next the wall were closed on me. i just realized that my castle stands. upon pilars of salt and pilars of sand.